What Is A Generator Engine Block Heater?

A generator engine block heater maintains the ideal starting temperature to help the generator start in cold weather, and ensures that it runs smoothly during operation.

All Cummins Generators come with an engine block heater as standard, but it is important to understand how it impacts your generator, especially when your generator is supporting critical loads.

How Does An Engine Block Heater Work?

When you plug in your generator block heater prior to starting your generator, the heating element warms up the engine coolant. This helps to thaw any frozen or gelled coolant and brings the engine to optimal starting temperature. Not only does this make starting your generator easier, but it also helps to prolong its lifespan – by using a block heater, you can help to prevent engine damage that can be caused by cold weather starts.

Maintaining Your Engine Block Heater

Maintenance plays a key role in ensuring that your generator – and its components – is operating correctly:

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