The Effects of Unplanned Power Outages on Businesses

With the increased reliability on power for business processes and productivity, it is vital to be prepared for unplanned disruptions to your power supply.

Which industries are most affected by power outages?

  • Medical
  • Hospitality
  • Data Centres
  • Retail
  • Entertainment
  • Agriculture

Power outages can affect business activities across a variety of channels including:

  1. Loss of sales
  2. Loss of productivity
  3. Damage to stock/loss of perishables
  4. Damage to critical equipment
  5. Data loss/corruption
  6. Decreased employee productivity
  7. Unforeseen expenses

Investing in a standby generator and/or UPS system can minimise these impacts and is also a predictable expense. With reliable standby power, your business can continue to run, even when the power is down.

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