Using Your Diesel Generator in Cold Weather

Your diesel generator can be affected by colder temperatures, so it’s important to have your generator prepared for all weather conditions.

At a temperature of 0°C, the battery will typically deliver less than half the current it would at higher temperatures. The fuel can also begin to solidify which can prevent your generator from starting.

Here are our tips for starting your generator in cold weather:

  • Inspect your generator before turning it on – Problems with your generator can be uncovered with a thorough visual inspection – check parts like hoses and belts for any leaks and signs of wear. Also check your fuel, oil, and coolant levels.
  • Ensure that your engine block heater is turned on – Your engine block heater is essential for maintaining ideal starting temperatures. It keeps the water in the engine warm and prevents a dangerous cold start.
  • Keep the battery charged – The trickle charger in your generator trickle charges the generator battery so that it is always charged, and the generator is always ready to start. This does not replace the need to have your batteries maintained, and only use original equipment parts from the generator manufacturer.
  • Have your generator maintained regularly – Neglecting your generator maintenance or using unauthorised parts can lead to your generator failing or needing more serious repairs or replacements. At Shanahan Power, our Asset Care Management service guarantees that you won’t get left in the dark with regular maintenance by our service engineers, and access to our 24/7/365 Breakdown Assist facility.
  • Keep your fuel in check – As diesel fuel can solidify in extremely cold conditions, have your fuel treated if extreme weather is forecast. If your fuel has been stored for a long time, consider having your fuel tested for contamination.

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