Is Your Standby Generator Winter Ready?

With the space between supply and demand getting tighter ahead of the winter months, it’s important to have your standby generator prepared so that it’s ready to run when you need it.

Here are our top tips in keeping your generator healthy:
  1. Generator Location – make sure that your generator is placed is a protected and well-ventilated area. Poor airflow and direct heat can cause your generator to overheat and shut down. If you are unsure on the best positioning for your generator, Shanahan Power is on-hand to offer advice.
  2. Oil Check – If your oil level is low, some generators shut down automatically to protect the engine. Ensure that oil levels are regularly checked and topped up as required.
  3. Testing – Run your generator regularly to check that it is working. Found out more about the common causes of generator failure here
  4. Fuel – make sure you have a fuel supply ready, and if you have had your fuel for a while you may need to get it tested to ensure it has not been contaminated. You can find out more about storing fuel here
  5. Remote Monitoring – remote monitoring can prevent the most common generator failures including battery failure, leaks, errors and more. Find out more about remote monitoring here.
  6. Maintenance – Preventative maintenance is essential in ensuring the health of your standby generator. Our Asset Care Management service provides access to our specialist service engineers and our 24/7/365 Breakdown Assist Facility.

Is your business prepared for unplanned power outages? Disruptions to your power supply can have a significant impact on business processes, productivity, and income. Contact us to find out more!