What Are The Common Causes of Generator Failure?

Investing in a generator is just the first step to ensuring business continuity when the power is down. It’s important to continue to maintain your generator to prevent failure.

Here are some of the common causes of generator failure:

1. Battery malfunction – generator batteries require periodic changing and can also be affected by poor installation, issues with the battery charger and low usage.

2. Fuel, coolant or oil leaks – leaks can happen due to issues in the pump system and hoses. Using genuine parts is essential in ensuring that they can withstand the extreme temperatures of the generator.

3. Low coolant – coolant prevents your engine from overheating and breaking down.

4. Low usage – low usage of your generator can cause wet stacking’ or build up in the engine exhaust and air in your fuel system, leading to damage to the internal parts of your generator. It’s important to run your generator regularly for a short period of time to avoid any issues.

5. Poor Maintenance – regular maintenance is essential in ensuring that your get the most out of your investment and maximises the lifespan. Neglecting your generator maintenance or using unauthorised parts can lead to your generator failing or needing more serious repairs or replacements.

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