Remote Monitoring: Why You Need It

Remote generator monitoring provides the ability to audit, control and troubleshoot your generator set from anywhere.

With remote monitoring you can prevent the most common generator failures including:

  • Battery failure
  • Fuel, coolant or oil leaks
  • Low fuel supply
  • Operator error
  • Auto transfer switch error.

Benefits of remote monitoring:

  • Realtime updates
  • Minimise downtime
  • Reduce operational expenses by identifying issues before they become costly
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Location tracking
  • Compliance testing and reporting
  • Keep on top of routine maintenance

How it works

It’s important that your remote monitoring is installed by a specialist to ensure that it configured correctly and customised to your requirements.

Cummins offers cloud based remote monitoring solutions available for the Cummins Connect Series with an app available to download from Apple iTunes, Google Play or Amazon Appstore.

Once the controller is connected to the network, you have the flexibility to access your generator via a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. No matter where you are the status of your generator, when it last exercised, if there are any problems, when maintenance is due; you can even turn it on and off remotely.

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