How To Safely Operate Your Diesel Generator

Diesel generators play a key role in business continuity, but it’s important to keep safety in mind when installing and operating a diesel generator.

Here are our top things to consider to safely operate your diesel generator:

Choose the right diesel generator

If your generator is too small for your power requirements, it will be working too hard and could cause damage or even lead to an outage. At Shanahan Power, we help you with choosing the right power solution for your business.

Ensure proper generator installation

Having your generator installed and commissioned by a qualified professional who is trained by the manufacturer ensures that it is installed safely and in line with their requirements.

When we commission generators, our specialist engineers complete a process to ensure the safety and efficiency of the generator.

This process includes:

Keep your generator in a well-ventilated area

Diesel generators produce carbon monoxide as part of their normal operation. To prevent this from becoming dangerous, it must be vented properly and safely.

Have your generator maintained regularly

It’s important to schedule regular maintenance checks on your diesel generator so that any potential problems can be identified before they become serious issues.

Our specialist whole-of-life services are underpinned by our commitment to safety.

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