Single Phase VS 3-Phase Power

Power can be delivered in many ways – the two most common are single-phase and 3-phase. It’s important to understand which type of electrical power is right for your business, and to protect your systems with a compatible Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system.

What is Single-Phase Power?

Single-phase power is the most common form of AC power delivery. Because residential power requirements are generally much less than business power requirements, single-phase is sufficient. Single-phase power produces a single wave of power.

What is 3-Phase Power?

3-phase power produces three separate wave currents so there is no temporary absence of power.

3-Phase power delivers power at a steady, constant rate and can reach higher voltage levels. This steady stream of power and ability to handle higher loads makes a 3-phase supply perfect for industrial and commercial operations.

A 3-phase circuit provides greater power density than a single-phase circuit so it can deliver the same amperage with smaller size wires making 3-phase more efficient.

Which type of power is best for your business?

Shanahan Power is on hand to help you determine which option is the most suitable option and assess your current power connection.

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