What Is Load Testing and Why You Need It

Load testing your generator is an essential assessment in ensuring that it will support your load in the event of a mains failure, and is also a key component of preventative maintenance.

What is a generator load test?

Using specialised equipment, load testing runs your generator under an artificial load at its maximum capacity over a set period of time. This tests if it runs at the highest possible power output while maintaining safe temperature and pressure levels. Load testing also allows for ensuring all the components of your generator are fully operational and helps to identify any potential weaknesses in a controlled environment.

What are the benefits of load testing?

  • Ensures the reliability and efficiency of your generator.
  • Prevents major issues and extends the lifetime of your generator.
  • Prevents ‘wet stacking’ or build up in the engine exhaust and ensures that the engine will perform to its full potential.

Preventative generator maintenance

All of our generators are load tested as part of our pre delivery inspection, but fixed generators should be load tested annually.

Load testing is a part of Our Asset Care Management service, which also gives you access to our team of specialised engineers, genuine parts and our 27/7365 Breakdown Assist facility.

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