Why You Need to be Prepared for Unplanned Power Outages Due to the Weather

Unplanned disruptions to your power supply can be costly, especially when you rely on your power for business productivity.

Unplanned power outages can affect business activities across a variety of channels including:

  • Loss of sales
  • Loss of productivity
  • Damage to stock/loss of perishables
  • Damage to critical equipment
  • Data loss/corruption
  • Decreased employee productivity
  • Unforeseen expenses

Here are our top tips for preparing for unplanned power outages caused by the weather:

  1. Keep on top of the weather forecast – The Met Eireann website and app has a 3-day forecast displaying all warnings, so you can start preparing up to three days in advance.
  2. Arrange preventative maintenance Preventative maintenance is essential in ensuring the health of your standby generator. Our Asset Care Management service provides access to our specialist service engineers and our 24/7/365 Breakdown Assist Facility.
  3. Check your generators key components – If you are in between maintenance visits, check the fuel level, engine heater, battery charger and make sure there are no oil leaks. Check that your transfer switch and change over panel is set to auto mode.
  4. Run your generator – If your generator is not run regularly, turn it on for 30 minutes to make sure it is running correctly.
  5. Invest in a generator – Standby power is invaluable during a power outage. We have a range of standby generators in stock and ready for dispatch. Contact a member of our team to find out more!

Stay one step ahead of power outages with Shanahan Power. Contact us to find out more about the range of generators in stock, and our Asset Care Management services available.