What Can Impact The Lifespan of Your UPS Battery?

Your UPS battery is the most important, and most vulnerable, component of your UPS System.

No matter how well you maintain, store, and use your UPS battery, its efficacy will deteriorate over time and will need to be replaced when they have reached the end of their lifespan.

Batteries fail for a range of reasons and testing your UPS batteries regularly plays a key role in ensuring their reliability.

Here are the main reasons for early UPS battery failure:

  • Temperature – Any variation, especially increased temperature, can heavily impact performance and UPS battery life. Regular preventative maintenance checks can help detect potential heat related problems and environmental issues.
  • Storage – The capacity of a battery begins to decrease whilst being stored. To ensure full capacity is achieved it is recommended that a top-up charge is carried out every six months.
  • Charging – Charging needs to be inline with manufacturer recommendations – if a battery is charged outside of these it can cause significant damage.
  • Cycling – During a mains failure, the critical load connected to the UPS system is supported by the battery. Once utility mains return, the battery is automatically recharged by the UPS system for future use, and this is known as the discharge cycle. When a battery is first installed, it is deemed to be at 100% of its rated capacity and their lifespan is based on a maximum number of cycles until failure or reduced capacity.
  • Application – UPS batteries are typically designed to deliver high rates of energy for a short time, generally up to 15 minutes. Pairing your UPS system with a standby generator ensures power-protection for both short-term and long-term power failures.

Regular maintenance is essential in ensuring that your get the most out of your investment and maximises the lifespan of your UPS system. Neglecting maintenance or using unauthorised parts can lead to your power system failing or needing more serious repairs or replacements.

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