Why You Need to Regularly Test Your UPS Battery

Your UPS battery becomes the last line of defence when the power is down – testing and maintaining your UPS system plays a key role in ensuring its reliability.

Here are our top reasons for UPS battery maintenance:
  1. Maintain business continuity – interruption of power to your business can result in serious repair costs, permanent data loss, revenue loss, decreased productivity and more. Find out more about the effects of unplanned power outages on businesses here.
  2. Maximise your battery lifespan – regular testing ensures your battery health, and identifies any potential problems that can damage your UPS system before they happen.
  3. Keep up to date with warranty requirements – batteries installed by Shanahan Power come with a 12-month warranty, but often manufacturers require maintenance reports for warranty claims.
  4. Avoid costly damage to your UPS systemmost UPS failures are battery related and can cause damage to UPS system componentry. Battery failure can be avoided by specialised installation and testing.

Our Asset Care Management service ensures the reliability of your UPS batteries and is also a predictable expense.

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