The Difference Between Prime and Standby Power

When investing in a generator, it is important to consider the generator’s rating. The common rating types are prime power and standby power.

What is Prime Power

A prime power generator is used to provide the primary power source for the equipment it is powering. Generators that are used for prime power are designed to run for long periods of time.

What is Standby Power?

A standby generator is used when there is a disruption to the mains power for short periods of time. When paired with an automatic transfer switch (ATS) the generator will automatically transfer power supply from the primary source of power to your standby generator when it detects a failure or outage.

What to consider about prime and standby power?

  • Prime power generators are run on a regular basis, so fuel and maintenance are factors to consider as part of your investment.
  • Standby power generators are designed to run for shorter periods of time, but it is still important to run the generator regularly, have regular maintenance and fuel testing.

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