New Cummins Generators Offer High Power Density and Optimised Fuel Efficiency

Cummins has launched the C550D5 and C500D6 series diesel generator sets for prime and standby power applications.

This series is engineered to deliver higher power density over 15 and 16-litre competitors with 42 kVA per litre of displacement thanks to the robust and reliable Cummins QSZ13 engine with 13L displacement. The QSZ13 engine, featuring XPI fuel injection with 3-stage fuel filtration, protects from poor fuel quality.  The new S-range of alternators provides new aesthetics and CoreCooling™ technology.

Investing in these gensets can reduce the cost of operation due to extended service intervals (500 hours for prime and 250 hours/2 years for standby applications) and the service-free crankcase breather with 99% liquid efficiency. Additionally, there is greater fuel efficiency with optimisations to the turbo charger, camshaft and fuel injectors.

The new gensets also provide less noise pollution with sound attenuated enclosures with 103 dB LWA sound pressure and 74 dB(A) at 7m sound pressure and feature multiple lifting points for configuration with enclosure or chassis lift.

Want to find out more about how the C550D5 and C500D6 can support your power requirements? Contact a member of our team today!