Blackout VS Brownout – What’s The Difference?

Ireland could be facing electricity shortages over coming years because of rising demand and the closure of older power plants, according to a report from EirGrid.

Power disruptions come in two forms – blackouts and brownouts.

What is a blackout?

A blackout is a complete disruption to power supply within a service area. Blackouts come without warning and can last hours to days at a time.

The most common cause of a blackout is extreme weather conditions.

What is a brownout?

A brownout is a temporary drop in voltage in an electrical power supply system. Usually, a utility will decrease its voltage by 10-25%.

Appliances and electrical equipment respond to brownouts in different ways. The power reduction has little effect on heating and lighting systems. Appliances that require precise voltages may not work with a reduced voltage -long-term brownouts can cause wear on sensitive electronic devices.

Unplanned disruptions to your power supply can be costly, especially when you rely on your power for business productivity.

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