What is a Static Bypass Switch?

A static bypass switch is a part of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system that helps manage and protect connected loads from any sudden changes in electrical current or voltage.

What is a Static Bypass Switch?

A static bypass switch is an automatic transfer switch (ATS) that works with UPS systems to enable them to regulate incoming voltage levels when there is an interruption or fluctuation in the main supply. It acts as an intermediary between incoming utility power and a UPS system, allowing users to change between either source without disruption. This ensures that the load will have continuous power regardless of any fluctuations or outages from the main supply.

How does it work?

When utility power is operating normally, the static bypass switch will let this power pass through uninterrupted. When it detects any fluctuation or interruption in this primary source of power, it will automatically cut off its connection and redirect the incoming current to the UPS system instead. This allows users to maintain their operations using back-up power until the primary source of power has been restored.

What are the benefits of a Static Bypass Switch?

Having a static bypass switch integrated into your UPS system can provides a range of benefits including:

  • Continuous access to back-up power to ensure that that you can maintain your business operations when there is a disruption to your power supply.
  • Reduces downtime and saves money on potential losses incurred due to a disruption to your power supply.
  • Protects against potential damages caused by overvoltage or undervoltage conditions by keeping voltage levels stable throughout all stages of operation – even during the transfer between each power source.
Preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance also impacts your UPS system’s efficacy when there is a disruption to the mains power supply.

Preventative maintenance includes:

  • Check of all electrical connections
  • Check of circuit breakers, fuses, cabling, and transformers
  • Battery inspection for signs of damage
  • Check of functionality
  • Check of performance history logs

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