Single-Phase and 3-Phase UPS Systems – What’s the Difference?

Uninterruptible power can be delivered in many ways – the two most common are single-phase and 3-phase.

What is Single-Phase Power?

Single-phase power is the most common form of AC power delivery. Because residential power requirements are generally much less than business power requirements, single-phase is sufficient. Single-phase power produces a single wave of power.

What is 3-Phase Power?

3-phase power produces three separate wave currents so there is no temporary absence of power.

3-Phase power delivers power at a steady, constant rate and can reach higher voltage levels. This steady stream of power and ability to handle higher loads makes a 3-phase supply ideal for industrial and commercial operations.

A 3-phase circuit provides greater power density than a single-phase circuit so it can deliver the same amperage with smaller size wires making 3-phase more efficient.

Here are our top reasons why businesses should invest in a UPS system:

  • Continuous Power – UPS systems provide a continuous supply of power in the event of a mains failure. It also maintains power between mains failure and generator start up. So as the battery kicks in, all your business devices that are attached will remain up and running. You will avoid any kind of data loss while working midway.
  • Surge protection – UPS systems monitor the incoming voltage and identifies spikes and surges with outages. When it detects a problem, the UPS system switches to AC power to prevent the spike from reaching the devices connected to it. When the spike is gone, the UPS reconnects the output to the mains power.
  • Unforeseen costs – Power outages can affect business activities across a variety of channels including sales, damage to critical equipment, data corruption and more. Investing in a UPS system can minimise these impacts and is also a predictable expense.
  • Prevent loss to essential data – A UPS system can allow employees time to backup essential data and power down their workstations and servers, avoiding data loss.

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