SIEL SafePower-S Comissioned for Co Clare Manufacturer

New SIEL SafePower-S 20kVA UPS System was recently supplied and commissioned for our manufacturing client based in Co Clare.

The UPS system was also supplied with an external bypass panel to allow the UPS system to be electrically isolated for safe maintenance or unit replacement without any disruption to the load.

The installation and commissioning phase is key to ensuring the longevity of your UPS system – there are essential steps and expertise required to ensure that it is installed with minimal disruption and optimal performance.

As part of the installation and commissioning process, our service engineers:

✔️ Perform Site Conditions Checks – these checks include UPS environment condition, battery environment condition, room and battery temperature and airflow.
✔️ Perform Visual Checks of electrical modules, capacitors, cooling fans, connections, and safety grounding.
✔️ Measure and calibrate the battery to the load.
✔️ Perform functional tests.
✔️ Handover the UPS to the client.

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