Cummins C275D5 Commissioned for Office of Public Works Site

New Cummins C275D5 Standby Spec generator was recently supplied, installed, tested and commissioned for an Office of Public Works site.

The generator replaced an older set for better reliability for activity on-site.

The project included:
✔️ Temporary generator, fuel tank and cabling for the duration of the project for zero downtime.
✔️ Disconnection and removal of the older set from the basement.
✔️ Strip-down and dismantle the enclosure of the C275D5 due to height restrictions, then position and reassemble.
✔️ Modify fuel lines from the external fuel tank to suit the new generator.
✔️ Modify the hot air discharge point on the generator for front exit.
✔️ Modify the exhaust silencer exit point for side exit.
✔️ Modify and install new hot air discharge duction with sound proofing in front of the radiator.
✔️ Modify and install twin wall insulated exhaust fuel.
✔️ Load bank testing, commissioning of the generator and mains failure test all before handover to our client.

Our team ensured that the project outcomes were delivered seamlessly and on time. Contact us to find out more about how our team can help you on your next project!

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